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“Sex” is a much bandied about term about the physical differences between womenfolk and men folk. It is commonly perceived to be Universal in nature. The term “Gender” points to the socially engineered responsibilities of women and men, in a given cultural location and station.These preferences are structured by viewpoints and expectations emanating from socio-cultural, political, environmental, economic, and faith based factors. Custom, law, class, ethnicity, and individual or institutional biases too play a moulding role. Gender definitions are learned and can be metamorphosed. India in particular has had a chequered record as far as the metamorphosing roles of gender and women role playing are concerned.

Women may seem to have advanced beyond their patriarchal chains but the societal net still looms large over the dames of the day. Women need to pull their act together and assert themselves in a clarion call of the “Benign Sisterhood”, which undertakes tasks for the upliftment of the common weal. (Veil!).Women today are independent and financially self sufficient in many walks of life.

Our Educational Institutions are a sacred place, which need to be spruced up for ensuring Gender Justice and egalitarian treatment in an open and transparent environment.D Y Patil Deemed to be University denizens, both male and female students, need to be made aware of the reason for gender sensitization mechanisms to exist in their sphere of legal education. Being the legal eagles that they are, they need to ascertain for themselves a modicum of strain free and healthy environment where academic exchanges take place with fluidity and the academics of the Law School goes on unhindered upstream. There are certain “stereotypes” which need to be broken