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Benefits of Internship

• All our students undergo 06 months of paid industrial internship.

• The school takes the responsibility of arranging every student’s internship in 5-star hotels across the globe.

• Internships are offered in the best hotels in India & Abroad.

• Associations with foreign universities like University College of Birmingham UK for internships Abroad, City & Guilds UK, BMEC, etc.

• Students benefit enormously from learning and working in this vibrant hospitality market with its abundance of resorts, restaurants, attractions and more.

• The school boasts a faculty of recognized experts having experienced both nationally and internationally.

• Through partnerships, they provide students with access to memberships, internships, guest speakers, and networking opportunities.

• Special Grooming & Etiquette workshops prior to internships.

• Parent – Student counselling sessions before the internship.

• Students are given ample opportunities for experience in the industry which helps them in their future roles as managers.