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Food Media Lab

Equipped with the latest cameras, shooting equipment, a variety of lenses and all the other essential commodities for shooting and photography, the food media lab is our customised and unique centre for understanding and learning the science of food photography and all the other attributes of media related to culinary production, marketing and selling. A hit among students, The Food Media lab is a boon for our students as it teaches them how to market and sell their recipes. Food Media Lab is a recent addition to our infrastructure.

It is one of the initiatives of the college to keep itself abreast with the technological changes in the industry and to track down all the emerging trends. With the explosion of social networking and the spread of digitalization across the globe, the realm of culinary has also undergone a massive change. Social networking sites are flooded with videos on making a plethora of dishes from different cuisines across the world. Along with this has emerged the trend of food blogging, food reviewing, etc. All these require professionally captured photographs of delicacies in order to make them more lucrative and appealing. This is exactly what our students are trained in during their Food Media practical sessions.