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Research Policy

1) DY Patil Deemed to be University, School of Hospitality and Tourism Studies follows the guidelines and policies of research promotion laid out by the D.Y. Patil University. The college seeks to create and share knowledge through quality research and contribute significantly in the Indian Education System. The college promotes strengthening of research infrastructure by exploring novel paradigms to address various challenges of the society as well as the service sector. The college inculcates the environment of research amongst the students as well. At the undergraduate level, the college has made it mandatory for the students to undertake research on a topic of their interest in order to complete their degree. The college strives to follow the following objectives of research:

• To facilitate research amongst students as well as staff
• To create awareness by organising workshops on research methodology and the latest trends in research
• To apply to different government as well as non-government funding agencies for research.
• To provide guidance for undertaking research
• To foster academia- industry linkages and promote research in the domains suggested by the industry

2) University Research Fund

(i) The general principle governing the allocation of all Research funding in the University is that it is an investment intended to maximise the range of outcomes that the University expects to result from staff and student Research.
(ii) A portion of the Research Fund is allocated to strategic support of external funding bids and partnerships. s

Faculty and School Research Grants Faculties and Schools may allocate Research funding according to their internal processes.

3) The college adopts the Consultancy policy defined by the D.Y. Patil University.
• The University distinctly outlines rules pertaining to revenue sharing between the Consultant Company, University and the Research scholar.
• The rules of revenue sharing vary with the level, nature, category and scale of research being carried out.
• Academic staff are expected to comply with the Management of External Research, Consultancy and Related Contracts Policy in the costing and pricing of external Research and consultancy. They may also do Research or consultancy under the Entitlement to Undertake Private Work Policy and are required to report such activity to their Head of School.

4) Statutory /Ethics Obligations

(a) Academic staff and students are required to carry out their Research in compliance with all the University’s obligations under legislation and any ethical and contractual obligations.
(b) Research projects that involve human or animal subjects, including those undertaken as part of a teaching programme, must be approved in advance.
(c) All Academic staff, students, and visitors of the University are required to make themselves aware and follow the contents of the University Health and Safety Policy and the Health safety Protocol.
(d) Academic staff and students are required to comply with the University’s approach to Risk and Risk Management as detailed in the University Risk Management Policy.