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U2 Mumbai Concert
Katy Perry at OPMF
15th D Y Patil T20
Hardwell 2017
Purpose Tour
Indian Super League
Hardwell 2015
D Y Patil T20
Arijit Singh
Sports For All
A R Rahman
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D Y Patil Sports academy is a result of  our Founder President, Vijay Patil’s ambitious dream project to create a sports academy rivaling the best in the world, with the aim was to support the evolution of cricket as well as other sports – tennis, swimming, badminton etc. in India.

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mentor is not a parent, counselor or social worker. A mentor is a friend and guide.

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Dr. Vijay D Patil

Abey Kuruvilla

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We had a tons of events happening in our very own arena.

U2 leaves Mumbai in a Euphoric Daze

“It took us only four decades to come here! India, what a country! Tonight it’s…

D Y Patil Stadium hosts the ONEPLUS Music Festival

The D Y Patil Stadium was echoing with cheers and songs on Saturday night, with…

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DY Patil Sports Academy
DY Patil Sports Academy shared a post.8 hours ago
In our association with Tendulkar Middlesex Global Academy, we are bringing global standard sports infrastructure to India and providing a truly world-class family sports destination.

Introducing the TMGA DY Patil Sports Centre.
An endeavor to create a destination that brings together people who are bound by their love of sports

#TMGADYPSC Dr. Vijay Patil Tendulkar Middlesex Global Academy
DY Patil Sports Academy
DY Patil Sports Academy shared a post.10 hours ago
DY Patil Sports Academy
DY Patil Sports Academy1 week ago
Here's how we had a great start to the new year; an auspicious beginning of a new journey with Tendulkar Middlesex Global Academy

We are truly hoping to create a platform for great cricketing education along with grooming great global citizens through this programme.
#TMGAatDYPatilSportsAcademy #TMGADYPatilSportsCentre
DY Patil Sports Academy
DY Patil Sports Academy shared a post.1 week ago
Joining hands with Tendulkar Middlesex Global Academy and Sachin Tendulkar to not just bring the best in cricket education but also to passionately develop better cricketers and better global citizens of the future.

#TMGAatDYPatilSportsAcademy #TMGADYPatilSportsCentre
DY Patil Sports Academy
Tendulkar Middlesex Global Academy
‪At TMGA we are delighted that our academy members will not only benefit from our world class cricket programme designed jointly by Middlesex County Cricket and Sachin Tendulkar but will also have the opportunity to play and experience other sports at the incredible facility at DY Patil‬
DY Patil Sports Academy
DY Patil Sports Academy2 weeks ago
Team India has announced the Women's T20 World Cup Squad with Harmanpreet Kaur leading the team and Smriti Mandhana being her deputy.

Wishing the girls in blue all the luck and hoping they can bring the trophy home.

#DYPSA #TeamIndia #Cricket #WorldCup #SportsNews
DY Patil Sports Academy
DY Patil Sports Academy shared a post.3 weeks ago
Here's Sachin Tendulkar giving you more reasons to join the Tendulkar Middlesex Global Academy at DY Patil Sports Academy.

Know more about it at by visiting our website:
Call us for more information: +91 844 844 9555

#TMGAatDYPatilSportsAcademy #TMGADYPatilSportsCentre
DY Patil Sports Academy
Sachin Tendulkar
Delighted and proud to announce Tendulkar Middlesex Global Academy's first-ever Academy & Sports Centre at DY Patil Sports Academy in Navi Mumbai!‬ ‪#TMGA


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