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About the

The course will provide new a venues to the students to learn, practice and propagate the techniques of this ancient science. Yoga and Naturopathy is an ancient scientific learning method and a way of life , conceptualized , explored and developed in ancient India .It is a unique contribution to the world from our ancient culture .It is not only a Universal Truth based on Natural Laws but also a perfect science that deals with philosophical concepts as well as practical aspects and applications of life.


Yoga and allied Sciences teach human beings lead a life which is in harmony with Natural Principles. A state of sustainability with respect to body, mind and soul trinity and its relationship between the environment around us and also the entire Universe .The need and requirement of Yoga and Naturopathy Sciences and its application is much more in present time. The various modalities and applications ,such as Yoga Therapy to maintain a positive health, lifestyle disorders , mental disease and prevention of various short comings and limitations of human life.


Yoga helps us to lead a healthy, intellectual and blissful life. Yoga and Naturopathy was integral and most important subjects of study in our ancient system of learning .In the present-day life, which Is associated with stress and strain, causing a number of psychosomatic  diseases , yogic sciences occupy a special significance.


*To do teaching ,therapy and research In the field of Yoga & Naturopathy.
*To spread the value-based knowledge of Yogic Science & Naturopathy.
*To create public awareness about Yogic Sciences & Naturopathy.
*Yoga Naturopathy and alternative science panacea that the world is gradually waking up to. Even in the case of corona virus , people who have been practicing yoga, Natural remedies proper Diet have experienced a higher level of immunity and lung strength, making it difficult for the virus to affect their bodies.
*To spread the potentialities of yoga and contributions of Yoga & Naturopathy for healthy living. Our course will give our students in – depth knowledge of all technical and customer management aspects of all Yoga Naturopathy and wellness therapy.
*Our vision will recognition of the quality and standards of the training undergone at the Institute .There has been growing demand of therapists and experts not only in India but also across the world. We will offer Indian programmes (Yoga and Naturopathy)and this course will include knowledge of the human Anatomy & Physiology to aid the understanding and the impact of the treatments and therapies.
*Our Institute will be conducting collaborative clinical research projects to establish efficacy of Yoga, Naturopathy and other alternative medicine in prevention and treatment of various diseases.
*Yoga and Naturopathy course are gaining popularity with each passing day and demand For yoga trainers ,Naturopaths and therapists are increasing in India as well as abroad.
*All courses are job oriented which created job opportunity for the people and spread Health and happiness in society.


*Understanding the philosophical and psychological foundations of yoga.
*Learning about the principles and practices of naturopathy for natural
*Studying the human body and its functions, with a focus on how yoga
and naturopathy affect physical health.
*Practicing and teaching various asanas (physical postures) to improve flexibility, strength, and balance.
*Understanding and practicing meditation techniques for mental and emotional well-being.
*Understanding and adhering to ethical standards in professional
*Inviting experts in the field to provide insights and share experiences.
*Completing a research project or thesis to demonstrate a deep understanding of a specific aspect of yoga and naturopathy.

DY Patil University

Scope of

*To bring peace and harmony in the society at large by introducing the natural and Yogic way of life.
*To create researchers and therapists of high caliber to make the society free from diseases and unfold the highest potential of mankind
*We will introduce different level of courses, therapy & treatment on various diseases through Yoga,Naturopathy & Diet and Research regarding effect of Yoga,Naturopathy & Diet on human body,mind.
*To introduce Yoga & Naturopathy with its principles, factors, impacts;
and to prescribe yoga, yogic application and its potential for people from different background.To make the people aware of the therapeutic and preventive value of Yoga and Naturopathy.


First Year

Semester 1

Foundation of Indian Philosophy Upanishads

Philosophy of Naturopathy Pathology

Naturopathy &Diet Practical Yoga

Semester 2

Indian Philosophy Yogic Text

Indian System of medicine Community Medicine Methodology of Naturopathy Pra


Second  Year

Semester 3

Traditional Text: Bhagavad Gita &Yoga Vasishtha

Yogic Text

Herbs & Homemade Remedies

Diagnostic Method :Naturopathy & Modern Medicine

Treatment of Disease by Naturopathy



Semester 4

Western Philosophy Alternative Therapy

First Aid & Clinical Naturopathy

Treatment of disease by Naturopathy

Research &Dissertation Practical

Tuition Fees

Indian Nationals 2years 1,75,000INR
International Students 2 years 9,610USD

Eligibility Criteria

Minimum educational qualification required is graduation in any stream, with
Diploma in Yoga/Diploma in Yoga & Naturopathy from D.Y. Patil University or any
recognized institution/University. OR Pass interview and test conducted by
D.Y. Patil University, School of Yoga

Internship Details

3 Months Research and Case Studies


Placement opportunities for Master of Arts (MA) in Yoga and Naturopathy students can be diverse, spanning various sectors related to holistic health and wellness.

Here are some potential placement options for MA in Yoga and Naturopathy

*Naturopathic Clinics and Wellness Centers
*Yoga Studios and Retreat Centers
*Corporate Wellness Programs
*Health Resorts and Spas
*Educational Institutions
*Community Health Organizations
*Hospitals and Integrative Healthcare Centers
*Fitness and Wellness Industry
*Research and Development

DY Patil University


DY Patil University