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MBA in Entrepreneurship Management is a professional post-graduation course that is specifically designed for students who wish to start their own venture or manage a family business. The course emphasizes on the concept of business plan, financing a start-up, identifying business opportunities, new venture development ,critical problem solving etc.


1) 50% in graduation and 45% in case of Reserved Category

2) DYP – CET 

3) Personal Interview


2 years


*The students are encouraged to engage with startups under this programme to have real word exposure for taking ahead challenges as an intrapreneur and entrepreneur.
*Multiple case driven scenarios to take business decisions and evaluate the feasibility of idea, concept and commercialisation plan.
*Simulation activities to encourage problem solving, critical thinking, idea generation, market research and boot strapping.
*Industry expert mentoring and detailed writing of project report and business plan of ones own idea.


1. To enhance and critically evaluate and study the role of entrepreneurship in the economic progress of the country through wealth creation and innovative strategies
2. To impart knowledge about entrepreneurial competencies and skills required for starting and sustaining a successful enterprise.


As a graduate the course enables the students to think about

*The concepts of Entrepreneurship and link it to opportunities.
*To analyze the business ideas ,have an understanding of untapped markets and
how technology can be used as an intervention.
*The students will be able to build their entrepreneurial competencies.
*Successful mentoring shapes them to develop their ideas into business


The startup ecosystem in India is growing over years and with government promoting Atmanirbhar Bharat most the educational system has eventually started on the subject of Entrepreneurship and other support system to shape many Entrepreneurs in the society.

This specialisation enables to bring a positive ecosystem on campuses to create and understand not only the concept of entrepreneurship but also the practical challenges which one may have to overcome when staring up ones own venture. The incubator at the University becomes a more comfortable platform for networking ,mentoring, checking feasibility of ones idea. The course becomes a strong platform of insight accumulation for those students who drive passion for entrepreneurship.

Key features:

*Entrepreneurship Management is a specialised course for starting one own
*It integrates with other business functions like Finance, Production, HR,
R&D etc.
*It also gives insights into the social dynamics which is ever evolving.
*It also attains managerial functions in various specialised roles.


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Placement Opportunities

Graduates with an MBA in Entrepreneurship start their own business/venture or join a family managed business or work as intrapreneurs in their area of interest for experience and exposure.


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