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Overview of the

B.Com is an undergraduate academic degree/Honours awarded for a program in Commerce. The duration of the B.Com course is 3 / 4 years, which is divided into six / eight distinct semesters. B. Com programme provides students with a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of the business world, preparing them for careers in Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Management, and Economics. B.Com (Hons.) is a route for the Commerce students of 10 + 2 to join the band of commerce professionals.

B.Com degree provides a broad understanding of various aspects of commerce, including accounting, finance, marketing, management, economics, and business law.  B. Com graduates are in demand across various industries, including finance, banking, consulting, retail, manufacturing, and technology.

B.Com courses often emphasize the development of practical skills that are directly applicable to the business world. Students learn how to analyse financial statements, manage budgets, conduct market research, make strategic decisions, and communicate effectively in professional settings. Upon completion of B Com, graduates are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue entry-level positions in the business world or further their education with advanced degrees or professional certifications.


  • Applicants who have finished 10 + 2 in any subject from a recognised institution/university board.
  • Candidates must have received at least a 45 % aggregate score in any commerce.
  • Candidates should have studied Commerce in Class 11 and 12 with some compulsory subjects including Accountancy, Business Studies, Maths/optional subject, and/ or Economics.
  • Candidates who are awaiting the results of their 12th grade can also apply for a B Com program.
  • A minimum of 17 years of age are eligible to pursue the programme

* Student who secures 60% marks or more in the first 6 semesters and wish to undertake research at UG level can choose Honours in the 4 year.


B Com honours is 4 years programme with 8 semesters. B Com degree is 3 year programme with 6 semesters.


The B Com (Hons.) Program under D Y Patil University School of Arts and Commerce is a 4-year and (As per New Education policy 2020) 8 Semester program. The students who have secured 60% aggregate in 3 year B Com are eligible for the 4th Year Honors. In case if the student has not secured 60% in aggregate for the first 3 years, the exit option is available after the completion of 3 years.

  • The curriculum includes Classroom learning, tutorial, workshops, seminars, internships, projects, Community Engagement and services, Skill Development Courses, Ability enhancement courses, Value added courses, hands on teaching – learning experience and research projects
  • All the courses offered have Outcome based approach
  • Exposure to the corporate world through skill development courses, Guest lectures, industry visits, summer internships, live projects, workshops etc
  • Provision for Value added courses in different semesters
  • Easy entry and Exit policy
  • Regular lectures will be conducted by an ideal combination of faculties from the industry as well as from academics


By the end of the Program, the student will be able to obtain:

PO1: Generic and Domain Knowledge:

Learners will gain knowledge in the fundamentals of commerce and a deep understanding of all the courses undertaken.

PO2: Professional Employability:

Learners will be equipped to join the industry or setup own entities, peruse further

Professional and other courses. It will make learners industry ready and develop various managerial and accounting skills for better professional opportunities

PO3: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving:

Learners will be equipped to face upcoming challenges in the industry and business as the specializations offered expose them to practical aspects. Learners will be able to develop an ability to analyse problem and develop effective and meaningful solutions.

PO4: Ethics and Integrity

Learners will be responsible citizens as various academic and co-curricular courses imbibe sensitivity, moral and ethical values among them.

PO5: Develop Holistic Approach:

Learner will strengthen the capacities in varied areas of commerce and industry aiming towards holistic development.

PO6 : Digital Capabilities and Lifelong learning:

Ability to use modern technology in the field of management and to develop a positive attitude towards research based lifelong learning.

Program Specific

Learners will gain thorough systematic and subject skills within various disciplines of finance, auditing and taxation, accounting, management, communication, computer. Learners can also get the practical skills to work as accountant, audit assistant, tax consultant, and computer operator. As well as other financial supporting services. Learners will learn relevant Advanced accounting career skills, applying both quantitative and qualitative knowledge to their future careers in business.

PSO1 – Learners venture into Managerial positions, Accounting areas, Banking Sectors, Auditing, Company Secretaryship, Teaching, Professor, Stock Agents, Government Employment etc.

PSO2 : Enables learners to prove themselves in different Professional examinations like CA, CFA, CS, CAT, GRE, CMA, MPSC, UPSC etc.

PSO3 : Learners further move towards research in the field of Commerce.

PSO4 : Enables Learners to demonstrate Progressive learning of various tax issues and tax forms related to individuals and businessmen and setting up their own business start up.

PSO5 : The vast curriculum covers various fields of commerce and accountancy which helps Learners grasp practical and theoretical knowledge.

Features of Program

Key features:

  • Experiential Learning:

Hands-on experiences like case studies and internships for practical application.

  • Leadership Development:

Workshops and activities to nurture leadership and ethical decision-making.

  • Entrepreneurship Focus:

Specialized courses, mentorship, and access to start-up networks.

  • Global Exposure:

Exchange programs, study tours, and international collaborations.

  • Integration:

Research projects, consulting assignments, and industry-driven projects.

List of Documents for Admission

  1. SSC Mark sheet
  2. SSC passing certificate
  3. HSC mark sheet
  4. HSC Passing Certificate
  5. Leaving certificate
  6. Birth certificate
  7. Ration card or passport
  8. Aadhaar Card
  9. Domicile certificate
  10. Migration Certificate
  11. Gap certificate (If not completed  12th in the Academic Year)
  12. Experience certificate(if any)
  13. FOUR Passport size Photos

Subject List / Course list
Semester Wise

First Year/Semester I

Sr No Course Code Course Name Type No. of Credits
1 BCOM101 Business Organization & Management DSC 3
2 BCOM102 Financial Accouting – Part A DSC 4
3 BCOM103 Business Law DSC 3
4 BCOM104 Business Statistics AEC 3
5 (Any 1) BCOM105 Personality Development MDC 3
BCOM106 Time and Stress Management MDC 3
BCOM107 Health Education and Fitness MDC 3
6 (Any 1) BCOM108 Artificial Intelligence for Business and Society SEC 3
BCOM109 Indian Language – Marathi/Hindi SEC 3
BCOM110 Practices of Modern Trade SEC 3
7 BCOM111 Basics of Physical Fitness & Mindfulness (Zumba/Yoga/Aerobics Any 1) VAP 3
Total Credits 22

First Year/Semester II

Sr No Course Code Course Name Type No. of Credits
1 BCOM201 Cost Accounting DSC 3
2 BCOM202 Financial Accouting – Part B DSC 4
3 BCOM203 Micro Economics DSC 3
4 BCOM204 Environmental Studies AEC 3
5 (Any 1) BCOM205 Influencer Marketing MDC 3
BCOM206 Industrial Psychology MDC 3
BCOM207 Tourism Policies & Promotions MDC 3
6 (Any 1) BCOM208 Philosophies of Science and religion/ spirituality SEC 3
BCOM209 Business Communication & Soft Skills SEC 3
BCOM210 Computer and Banking SEC 3
7 BCOM211 Advanced – Physical Fitness & Mindfulness VAP 3
Total Credits 22

Second Year/Semester III

Sr No Course Code Course Name Type No. Of Credits
1 BCOM301 Principles of Marketing DSC 3
2 BCOM302 Basics Mathematics DSC 3
3 BCOM303 Financial Management DSC 4
4 BCOM304 Macro Economics DSC 3
5 (Any 1) BCOM305 Journalism MDC 3
BCOM306 Event Management MDC 3
6 (Any 1) BCOM307 Technology Related to Banking Sector SEC 3
BCOM308 Excel Dashboard for Beginners SEC 3
7 (Any 1) BCOM309 Entrepreneurship  Management AEC 3
BCOM310 Professional Communication Skills AEC 3
Total Credits 22

Second Year/Semester IV

Sr No Course Code Course Name Type No. Of Credits
1 BCOM401 Human Resource Management DSC 3
2 BCOM402 Corporate Laws and practices DSC 3
3 BCOM403 Auditing and Corporate Governance DSC 3
4 BCOM404 Taxation 1 DSC 4
5 BCOM405 Indian Economy – Policies and perspective DSC 3
6 BCOM406 Micro Finance Operations DSC 3
7 (Any 1) BCOM407 E-commerce AEC 3
BCOM408 Innovation Management AEC 3
Total Credits 22


Third Year /Semester V

Sr No Course Code Course Name Type No. Of Credits
1 BCOM501 Quantitative Techniques in Finance DSC 3
2 BCOM502 Taxation 2 DSC 3
3 BCOM503 Fintech DSC 4
4 BCOM504 Corporate Tax Planning DSC 4
5 BCOM505 Corporate Valuation and Restructuring DSC 4
6 BCOM506  Internship / Corporate Interaction Workshops DSC 4
Total Credits 22

Third Year /Semester VI

Sr No Course Code Course Name Type No. Of Credits
1 BCOM601 International Trade and Practices DSC 4
2 BCOM602 Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibily DSC 4
3 BCOM603 Capital Markets and Regulatory Systems DSC 4
4 BCOM604 Financial Reporting  & Analysis DSC 4
5 BCOM605 Major Project report and Viva voice DSC 4
Total Credits 20


Fourth Year/Semester VII

Sr No Course Code Course Name Type No. Of Credits
1 BCOM701 Forex Markets DSC 4
2 ( Any 1) BCOM702 Business Analytics Skills DSC 4
BCOM703 Design Thinking and Innovation DSC 4
BCOM704 Disruptive Innovation (Online HBS) DSC 4
3 BCOM705 SWAYAM /Coursera/Udemy Course DSC 4
4 BCOM706 Goods & Service Tax (GST) and Customs Law DSC 4
5 (Any 1) BCOM707 Financial Modeling DSC 4
BCOM708 Mergers and Acquisitions DSC 4
Total Credits 20

Fourth Year/Semester VIII

Sr No Course Code Course Name Type No. Of Credits
1 BCOM801 Compensation Management DSC 4
2 BCOM802 International Financial Management DSC 4
3 BCOM803 Report writing and Viva voice DSC 4
4 BCOM804 Industrial Law and IPR DSC 4
5 (Any 1) BCOM805 CRM in Banking – Insurance DSC 4
BCOM806 Enterprise Resource Planning DSC 4
Total Credits 20




The Internship Program is an experiential learning component of the honours program.  Internship programme aims to provide a platform for students to integrate classroom knowledge with related practical applications and skills in a professional ecosystem. It gives students a chance to become an integral part of real-time situations that not only provide practical learning but also provide ringside perspectives on future career paths that students would like to explore.

Placement Opportunities

B Com (Hons.) degree opens up numerous opportunities for those aspiring to pursue higher education in Commerce and business administration. This program prepare students to become valuable assets to top firms by imparting the essential skills that enhance their employability. The sectors in which you can make a career after B Com course are mostly related to Banking, Accounting and Finance. There are various career opportunities in Finance and accounting domains of all industries as the finance department is one of the four pillars of any business organisation. Given below are the main sectors you can foray into after completing a B Com degree programme:

  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Accounting
  • Taxation
  • Wealth Management
  • Commerce
  • Education
  • Government Services


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