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From ancient times, human beings love to adorn themselves with jewellery and it has been intrinsic to our culture.
The course deals with the subjects related to jewellery design from conceptualization, designing, drafting, and material science, making and finishing aspects of jewellery.
The BSc in Jewellery & Accessory Design course helps to keep abreast of international trends in jewellery design.
The program teaches about all the facets of jewellery trade – from mastering, hand rendering and casting to analysing and appraising gemstones and acquiring computer aided design skills.
The program is a good blend of design and management modules imparting essential managerial skills to the learner.
B.Sc. (Jewellery Design and Technology) or Bachelor of Science in Jewellery Design and Technology is an Under-Graduate Jewellery Design course.
Jewellery design is the art or profession of creating, crafting, fabricating, or rendering designs for jewellery by applying technology which is the making, usage and knowledge of tools, techniques, crafts, systems or methods of organization to solve a problem or serve some purpose.
Bachelor of Science in Jewellery Design and Technology is generally three academic year course. The Bachelor of Science course in Jewellery Design and Technology may be provided on a part-time basis by certain institutes.
The syllabus of the Bachelor of Science course in Jewellery Design and Technology is for six semesters and its career offering in nature in many fields.

Areas of

Specialisations (offered in year 3 and 4)

  1. Gemology and Precious Stones
  2. Fashion Accessories Design
  3. Jewellery Manufacturing and Retail Management



The candidates must have completed their 10+2 examination or its equivalent exam in the Science stream from a recognized Board.
The marks of admission for this course may vary from college to college. In various renowned institutes, there is an entrance exam for admission along with interviews and percentages of the 10+2 class.


3 Years


Study course designed in conjunction with the needs of the modern jewellery design industry.
Learning about sources for jewellery design inspiration and developing motifs to create jewellery objects.
Rendering jewellery designs using drafting tools for display as a participant in the final class design exhibition.
Creating a portfolio of class projects and custom designs that is ready for presentation to potential clients and employers.
Constant professional guidance and feedback throughout the course.
Focus on refining individual creativity of each student as against a herd approach.

DY Patil University

Program Objective

  1. Mastering craftsmanship for accessories excellence.
  2. Nurturing awareness of current market trends.
  3. Cultivating innovative approaches to design challenges.
  4. Evaluating industry trends for informed decision-making.
  5. Fostering team synergy for collective success.
  6. Instilling responsible conduct in professional practices.
  7. Appreciating diversity in cultural design influences.
  8. Encouraging business innovation in the accessories industry.
  9. Preparing graduates for successful career readiness.

Program Outcomes

Develop a strong sense of creative thinking; along with the ability to interpret and create forecasts and formulate trends.
A strong knowledge of gemstones and diamonds along with its specifications.
Develop appropriate methodologies for the research, design, and manufacture of jewellery.
Understand the properties of various metals used in the craft of fine jewellery and enquire about the scope of their application.
Master different phases of developing jewellery.
Design and exhibit their own jewellery collection to a public audience, and gain professional feedback.


Jewellery design is the art or crafting, profession of creating, fabricating, or rendering designs for jewellery by applying technology, which is the making, techniques, crafts, usage and knowledge of tools, systems or methods of association to solve a problem or serve some purpose. It is career presenting in nature and provide many job opportunities for candidates after its successful completion.

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Key Features

Equips the learner to understand the complex process and technical expertise required for creating jewellery and fine jewellery.
Focuses on providing functional knowledge of various materials, fabrication techniques, compositions, and market trends related to designing fine jewellery and its innovative application.
Acquire the technical, creative and analytical aptitude needed to commence and lead a career in the industry.
Helps the student identify and challenge traditional and contemporary jewellery drafting techniques, encouraging them to come up with new methodologies of working.



The objective of the internship is to enable students to gain knowledge onfunctioning of jewellery enterprise through on the job training.
Students will be sent to various reputed jewellery organizations individually or in groups to carry out project work under the supervision of a factory guide on a specific topic related to jewellery design and management.
A faculty guide will also continuously monitor the progress on the project.
The report will be submitted to the principal and also evaluated by internal and external examiners detailed by the university

Placement Opportunities

As with most creative fields, new entrants begin as apprentices. Later on they may work with jewellery houses or freelance. Large exporters employ designers or select designs from eminent freelancers. Branded and designer jewellery offers openings for dealership. In the traditional studiobased design sector, crafts people have been working to prepare each article individually. Their work is sold through local outlets, at tourist destinations, emporia’s and through craft meals.

B.Sc. Jewellery & Accessory Designer can lead to a wide range of career opportunities in the below Sectors.

Jewellery Setter
Jewellery Merchandiser
Jewellery Historian
Jewellery Designer
Jewel Business Owner
Grading Consultant
Gemstone Appraiser
Gem Polisher
Gem Grinder
Fashion Consultant
Exhibition Manager


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