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A Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Chinese Language is an undergraduate Chinese language course typically focuses on providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the Chinese language, its structure, grammar, history, and cultural context. The program aims to develop proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing Mandarin Chinese.


A Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language can offer various opportunities and scopes, especially in today’s globalized world.


The scope for a Chinese Language degree largely depends on complementary skills, experiences, and interests. Fluency in Mandarin, understanding of Chinese culture, and the ability to navigate cross-cultural communication are highly sought after in today’s interconnected world, opening doors to various professional opportunities.


Program Structure

First Year


Semester 1

Introduction to Chinese Language
Chinese Grammar and Syntax
Chinese Phonetics
Chinese Culture and Civilization

Semester 2

Intermediate Chinese Language
Chinese Writing and Composition
Chinese Literature Overview
History Of China



Second Year


Semester 3

Advanced Chinese Language
Chinese Sociolinguistics
Chinese Literature Analysis
Modern Chinese History

Semester 4

Chinese Language Proficiency
Classical Chinese Literature
Chinese Media and Communication
Translation Studies

Third Year


Semester 5

Specialized Chinese Language
Contemporary Chinese Society & Politics
Chinese Art and Philosophy

Semester 6

Chinese Dialects and Variations
Research Methods in Chinese Studies
Capstone Project

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  • Candidates must have qualified 10+2 or equivalent from any stream from recognized board.
  • Candidates having an aggregate of 50% or more at the qualifying exam level  eligible for the BA in Chinese Language program.


A Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Chinese Language typically offers a comprehensive understanding of the Chinese language, culture, history, and society. Here are some common highlights you might find in such a program:


  • Language Proficiency

Rigorous coursework in Mandarin Chinese, focusing on speaking, listening,    reading, and writing skills. This often includes different levels of proficiency,from beginner to advance.


  • Cultural Studies

Learning about Chinese history, literature, philosophy, and art to gain a deeper understanding of the cultural context that shapes the language.


  • Electives and Specializations

 Students may have the option to choose specialized courses in areas like business  Chinese, classical Chinese, translation, or contemporary Chinese society.


  • Capstone Projects or Thesis

 Culminating projects where students showcase their language proficiency and cultural knowledge, often through research, writing, or presentations.


  • Extracurricular Activities

 Opportunities to engage in cultural clubs, language exchange programs, or extracurricular activities related to Chinese language and culture.


  • Career Preparation

 Guidance and resources for career paths related to Chinese language and culture, such as in international business, translation, education,diplomacy,  or academia.




Scope of

A Bachelor of Arts in Chinese language typically covers various aspects of the

Chinese language, culture, and literature. Here’s an overview of what such a program

might include:

Language Proficiency

Chinese Culture and History

Literature Studies


Advanced Language Skills

Electives and Concentrations


As industry linked course, there is a mandatory provision of 3 months Internship

with Industry / Corporate. Our Academic Industry Alliance Program offers 100%

Internship Assistance to all our students. University Assistance is based on academic

performance of the student during the course and as per Industry needs.


The scope of the Chinese language is on the rising. One can look forward to jobs in

Multi nationals. Many companies are employing Chinese language experts for

outsourcing and offshore work.

BA in Chinese students can lead to a wide range of career opportunities in the below


Chinese language Teacher/Trainer.

Translator & Interpreter.

Engineering Jobs in India and Worldwide.

Tourism Industry.

Hospitality Industry.

Research Analyst.

Media Industry.

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