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Earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish is extremely beneficial, even more than you may think. With a degree in Spanish, student will become eligible for a wide array of jobs and having learned another language fluently, student will gain valuable life skill. The bachelor’s degree in Spanish significantly advances your understanding of the Spanish language and the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. Spanish literature, mass media, politics and film are a few of the many topics which is studied as one learns the linguistic, literary and cultural elements of the Spanish language.

The Spanish degree student will get an opportunity to study various texts, films, historical events and important social debates to develop a deeper understanding of the cultures in Spanish-speaking regions.


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First Year

Semester 1

Spanish Language – I
Oral Expression – I
Written Expression – I
Introduction to Appreciation of

Semester 2

Spanish Language – II
Oral Expression – II
Written Expression – II
Grammar-II Comprehension

Second Year

Semester 3

Spanish Language – III
Oral Expression – III (Audio-visual and
Laboratory Drills)
Spanish History and Civilization –
I Business Spanish

Semester 4

Spanish Language – IV
Oral Expression – IV (Audio-visual and
Laboratory Drills)
Latin American History and
Civilization – I
(Pre-Colombian Civilizations to Discovery,
Conquest, Colonization & Independence)
History of Spanish language
and Dialectology


Third Year

Semester 5

Spanish Language – V
Oral Expression-V (Advanced Phonetics
and Phonology)
Reading of Spanish Texts (Introduction
to Hispanic Literature)
Translation of Commercial and
Economic Texts

Semester 6

Spanish Language-VI
Oral Expression-VI (Oral Expression
Reading of Latin American Texts
up to Colonization
Literary Translation
Group Projects


  • Candidates must have qualified 10+2 or equivalent from any stream from
    recognized board.
  • Candidates having an aggregate of 50% or more at the qualifying exam level are
    eligible for the BA in Spanish Language program.


  • Specifically, this degree takes a close look at Spanish, Latin American and Mexican
    American cultures to create a competence linguistics.
  • Understanding of these cultures and the differences between them.
  • Culture itself includes the various customs, values and institutions of these regions.
  • Learning about the many cultures related to the Spanish language allows for a greater understanding of the language, better translation and enhanced cultural awareness.
  • It also helps you get a head start on a career in Spanish-speaking countries, such as the United States in European Region.

Scope of

A bachelor’s degree in Spanish Language prepares you for professional roles where Spanish-speaking skills and cultural competency are needed or preferred. Proficiency in spoken and written Spanish can be valuable assets. This degree can be an asset in multiple career paths in areas such as:


  • International Business
  • Communication Language Specialist
  • Teaching National and International Management
  • Translation and Interpretation
  • Tourism Journalism


As industry linked course, there is a mandatory provision of 3 months Internship with Industry / Corporate. Our Academic Industry Alliance Program offers 100% Internship Assistance to all our students. University Assistance is based on academic performance of the student during the course and as per Industry needs.


Some of the careers options are listed below

Bilingual Educator

Customer Service Advisor (Spanish Language)



Jobs in Embassy

Freelancing Projects

Jobs in the Travel and Tourism sector

Jobs in Multilingual Call Center Services

Jobs in International Sales Marketing



DY Patil University



DY Patil University