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BA in French program are professionally oriented that perfectly blends theory

and practice. Many French industrial groups are leaders with a worldwide presence, including Airbus, Total , Orange, Sanofi, LVMH, L’Oréal and Danone, hence a bachelor degree in French for students is an opportunity to kick-start their career early in life. In this course, you will learn about the basic concepts in translation, different theories and techniques of translation as well as the comparative study of the functioning of English and French languages. You will also have an opportunity to translate different texts of domains such as business, tourism, society, politics, science, sports, etc. In this program, students are made aware of the intricacies of French as a language along with its potential and usage in the current business world.


In this course, students learn the basics of French in terms of reading and writing, literature and poems as well as grammar ethics and compliance to become fluent in French in a holistic manner. BA in French language is essential in many ways and can also be utilized and employed in sectors such as tourism and hospitality, travel and tours, business administration and management to use the communication skills taught in this course program.


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First Year


Semester 1

Developing reading and writing skills
Developing listening and speaking skills

Semester 2

Developing reading and writing skills
Intermediate level reading and writing


Second Year


Semester 3

Developing intermediate level speaking
and listening skills
Studying different text types
Advanced reading and writing skills

Semester 4

Developing advanced reading and
writing skills
Debating on various social issues
History of France in relation to Europe
& History of French Speaking Countries


Third Year


Semester 5

History of French & Francophone Literature
Introduction to Translation

Semester 6

Rhetoric and Composition Reading Literature



  • Candidates must have qualified 10+2 or equivalent from any stream from recognized board.
  • Candidates having an aggregate of 50% or more at the qualifying exam level are eligible for the BA in French Language program.


  • A knowledge of French offers access to great works of literature in the original French, as well as films and songs.


  • Opens door to International job opportunities.


  • Analysis and argumentative skills.


  • Apart from all the skills mentioned above, learners of this language develop flexibility and empathy that will make them able to be an International communicator.


  • Speaking French opens up opportunities for higher education at some of France’s best-known Universities.


  • An ability to understand French offers an alternative view of the world through communication with French speakers from all over the world and news from the leading French-language International media.


  • French is an analytical language that structures thought and develops critical


Scope of

Language programs help in the smooth flow of communication, which in turn is extremely helpful and crucial in conducting business transactions and trade, cultural and economic exchange and building harmony between nations.

Therefore, BA in French program has become an important aspect of leading world language programs in terms of social and economic scenario. Students are always welcome to expand their knowledge and expertise by pursuing higher studies and education in French to solidify their option of becoming a teacher in India or even in France and teach French grammar and fluency to other students and aspirants. Student can also work as online content developers/writers who are engaged in developing content catering to the Indian French market in terms of

lifestyle, travel, health and fitness to spread awareness and attract attention to build a strong consumer base.


As industry linked course, there is a mandatory provision of 3 months Internship with Industry / Corporate. Our Academic Industry Alliance Program offers 100% Internship Assistance to all our students. University Assistance is based on academic performance of the student during the course and as per Industry needs.



The study of global language like French language is considered a competitive

advantage in a global economy. Some options for careers is below.


  • Technical Translator

As a technical translator, you will be required to translate the text or    document written or produced by technical writers in English into the        French language. The demand for technical translators has been increasing  day by day,the field is rapidly growing faster as more, and text that is more technical is being produced every day in this dynamic environment.


  • Content Write

Many companies require freelance content writers to write blogs on their    website and articles that too in French language. Thus making online  content writing an attractive career field for the candidates.


  • Tourist Guide

 You can act as a tourist guide to the people who only know French and for whom language acts as a barrier when they visit abroad.


  • Teacher

If you always have a will to teach and you can make people understand the   basics and beauty of the French language then you can always work as a    French teacher.


  • Interpreter

 As an interpreter, you will have to understand and interpret the text in French language.


  • Translator

 As a translator,you will have to translate the documents and files into French  language.





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