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About Program Director & Chief Mentor

Dr. Ali Tunkiwala

A passionate professional always striving for excellence and a dedicated teacher, Dr. Ali Tunkiwala has a Bachelors’s (BDS) Degree from Nair Hospital Dental College and a Masters’ Degree in Prosthetic Dentistry from Mumbai University (Govt. Dental College &Hosp, Mumbai, 1998). He is one of the few Accredited Members of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry having met their very stringent clinical requirements. His expertise in the field of Implant Dentistry helped him achieve the Fellow and Diplomate Status of ICOI (International Congress of Oral Implantologists) & ISOI (Indian Society of Oral Implantologists). He serves on the Editorial Board of various Journals and Periodicals in Dentistry, locally and internationally, and has several Peer-Reviewed Publications to his credit. He authored a chapter in the Book Titled, “Graftless Solutions in Implant Dentistry” and has been an Editor & Author of the Textbook titled “Partial Extraction Therapy in Implant Dentistry”. He is the director of one of the most reputed continuing dental education academies, namely “Impart Education” where is spends a large portion of his time teaching clinical restorative and implant dentistry. He maintains a state-of-the-art dental practice focusing on Implants, Aesthetic Dentistry, and Full Mouth Rehabilitation at Khar (West) in Mumbai for more than two decades.
Allow us to introduce ‘Fellowship in Full Mouth Rehabilitation’. Immaculately designed, this 1-year program is compiled in a modular format to boost your dental skills in the right direction.

About the

Certificate: Fellowship in Full Mouth Rehabilitation
Awarded by: DY Patil Deemed to be University
(Established under section 3 of UGC act, 1956 vide notification no. F.9.21/2000 – U.3 dated 20.06.2002 of the Govt. of India)

Program Highlights:-

The Course Syllabus is designed to impart clinical expertise in all aspects on Full Mouth Rehabilitation.
It will comprise of
• In-Depth Theoretical Concepts of Occlusion
• Getting a grasp on the TMJ and the chewing system
• Advanced concepts of Photography and Smile Design
• Mastering the Preclinical Workflow
• Optimal use of digital workflow
• Multidisciplinary treatment planning exercises
• Material science for indirect restoration
• Advanced adhesive dentistry principles
• Implant Dentistry pertaining to full mouth conditions

Each participant will get Extensive Clinical Training in Case Assessment; Presentation and Diagnosis and Treatment planning in principles of adhesive and conventional fixed prosthodontics including the use of analog and digital protocols.
Each participant will have to submit one library dissertation on the topics provided by the faculty.
Each participant will provide treatment for a case requiring full mouth rehabilitation. They will Clinically Perform All Steps Required for Photography, Facebow Record, Deprogramming and CR Record, Mounting on Articulators, Tooth Preparation, Digital Impressions and delivery of the final restoration. They will learn how to plan, present and execute the whole case using a multidisciplinary approach where necessary & possible.
Each participant will need to have their own Semi Adjustable Articulator & a DSLR camera set up for dental photography to enable them to fulfill the clinical course requirements
The faculty will demonstrate the key clinical steps as and when needed in each module.


Minimum qualification of B.D.S or equivalent from a recognized Institution in India or Overseas


This Fellowship Program is a One Year non-continuous, modular based course.

Module 1 : 6 days
Module 2 : 6 days
Module 3 : 6 days
Module 4 : 6 days
Module 5 : 6 days
Module 6 : 6 days
(Including Theory and Practical Exams)

Calendar Year

May 2023 to April 2024

List of Documents

1. Original Birth Certificate
2. Copy of Passport
3. Original Domicile
4. Copy of Aadhar card
5. Two passport size photographs
6. Original DCI Registration Certificate
7. Original Mark sheets
8. Original Degree Certificate of BDS/MDS/Others
9. Copy of Passport of Parents (only for overseas candidates)
10. Proof of NRI Status of candidate/Parents (only for overseas candidates)
11. Transcripts (only for overseas candidates)
12. Copy of Visa (only for overseas candidates)
13. Original Acknowledgement Receipt of fees (RTGS/NEFT/DD/CHEQUE)

Course Syllabus

Start-Up Protocols for FMR
• Introduction to the course content and flow
• Understanding the stomatognathic system
• Diagnosing Tooth Wear
• Centric Relation, Deprogramming, Centric records and other important terminology
• Concepts of Ideal Occlusion
• Mastering Photography for clinical dentistry
• Understanding and completing data collection and analysis
• Risk Assessment
• Vertical Dimension: Decision Making
• Aesthetic Principles in FMR
• Understanding Diagnostic Wax up
• Understanding role of other disciplines in FMR

• Examination of TMJ
• Load Test/Immobilization Test
• Understanding the Camera/Flash Systems

Clinical Dentistry:
• Clinical Case Allotment for each participant
• Data Collection
• Radiography & Photography for each patient
• Taking Study Model Impressions
• Facebow Records
• Deprogramming & Centric Records
• Mounting the cases on Semi adjustable Articulator
• Categorize the case in relevant Diagnostic categories
• Write Note for Diagnostic Wax up and send work to lab
• Getting Foundation work ready for all cases (Endodontics, Periodontics, Exodontia/Implants for cases that require that before the 2nd Module commences

Creating Strong Foundations in fixed prosthodontics
• Fundamental of fixed prosthodontics
• Tooth Preparation Techniques
• Techniques of making provisional restorations
• Tissue management techniques
• Impression Procedures
• Mastering Semi Adjustable Articulators
• Interocclusal records
• Occlusal Equilibration
• Periodontal procedures in FMR
• Orthodontics in FMR
• Endodontics in FMR
• Implant Prosthodontics for FMR cases
• Implant Dentistry for the fully edentulous patient
• Digital Protocols for FMR

• Veneer, Onlay and Full Coverage tooth preparations
• Making Provisional Restorations
• Programming of Semi Adjustable Articulators
• Implant Dentistry: Impression Procedures/ Abutment Selection
• Lab protocols and material choices in FMR

Clinical Dentistry:
• Making Provisional Restorations for all clinical cases
• Equilibration &Occlusal Adjustments for all cases

Amalgamation of Clinical & Lab Protocols

• Material Selection for FMR
• Restorative design Selection
• Lab Protocols in FMR
• Advanced Digital Dentistry
• Adhesive Dentistry Protocols
• Occlusal Equilibration for the natural dentition

Hands on:
• Spending a day at the Laboratory. Understanding lab protocols and equipment will allow participants to make optimum use of dental technology

Clinical Dentistry:
• Tooth preparation for all cases
• Impression making
• Inter-Occlusal Record making
• Mounting and work authorization for the lab

Expanding Treatment Possibilities & Finishing FMR Cases

• Cast Partial Dentures
• Removable Prosthodontics on Implants
• Adhesive Protocols
• Digital Protocols for Occlusion Assessment

• Evaluating all the lab work and table top photography

Clinical Dentistry:
• Bonding Procedure all cases
• Final Occlusion Check
• Post Op Photography/ Radiography

Grading System

1. Annual Examination

a. Theory examination (MCQs & Essay)
b. Practical Examination & Viva Voce

2. Clinical Log-Book Evaluation
3. Written Assignments
4. Case Presentation

Total Fees

For Indian Candidates Course fees are Rs.8,00,000/-(Rupees Eight Lakhs Only)
For Overseas and NFS Candidate, Course Fees are 20,000 US Dollar


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