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    DYPU has an educational approach that seeks to create a learning experience that will prepare students for the realities of the modern world. DY Patil International University offers a variety of undergraduate courses. We provide excellent education to our students. Learn more about our programs.
    DY Patil University
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DY Patil University

Post Graduate Courses

M.A. in Yoga and Naturopathy M.A. in Yoga MBA in Sports Management MBA in Aviation Transportation Analytics M.Sc. in Biotechnology with Specialization in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Integrated MBA in Business Analytics Integrated MBA MSS - Sports & Performance Nutrition MSS - Sports Biomechanics MSS - Sports Psychology MSS - Exercise Physiology M.Sc. Clinical Nutrition & Neutraceutical M.Sc. Health, Wellness & Lifestyle Interventions M.Sc. Physician Associate M.Sc. in Cardiac Technology M.Sc. in Cardiac Perfusion Technology M.Sc. in Kidney Dialysis & Transplant Technology Master of Optometry M.Sc. Medical Laboratory Technology M.Sc.in Radio Imaging Technology MD - General Medicine Master of Public Health MPT in Cardio-Pulmonary MPT in Sports M.Sc. Nursing MPT in Community Health MPT in Neurological Conditions MPT in Musculoskeletal MD - Anatomy MD - Physiology MD – Biochemistry MD - Pathology MD - Microbiology MD - Forensic Medicine MD - Community Medicine MD - Paediatrics MD - Dermatology Venereology & Leprosy MD - Psychiatry MD - Radio Diagnosis/ Radiology MD - Emergency Medicine MD - Anaesthesiology MD - Tuberculosis & Respiratory Diseases MS - General Surgery MS - ENT MD/MS - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology MS - Orthopaedics MD - Pharmacology MD - Geriatric MD - Family Medicine MD - IHBT M.Ch (Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery) M.Ch (Cardio - Vascular & Thoracic Surgery) M.Ch (Pediatric Surgery) DM ( Cardiology) M.Ch (Urology / Uro Surgery) MS - Ophthalmology MBA in Business Analytics MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management MBA in Biotechnology Management MBA in Health and Hospital Management MBA in Pharmaceutical Industry Management MBA in Aviation Management MBA in Entrepreneurship Management MBA in Systems Management MBA in Sports Business Management MBA in Operations Management MBA in International Business Management MBA in Banking and Insurance LL.B. MBA in Finance Management MBA in Marketing Management MBA in Human Resource Management M.Sc.in Tourism Studies M.Tech. in Computer Engineering M.Tech. in Electronics And Telecommunication Engineering M.Tech. in Information Technology M.Tech. in Electronics Engineering M.Tech. in Instrumentation Engineering M.D.S. (Orthodontics) M.D.S. (Oral Pathology & Microbiology) M.D.S. (Prosthodontics) M.D.S. (Pediatric & Preventive Dentistry) M.D.S. (Periodontics) M.D.S. (Conservative Dentistry) M.Sc. in Food Science and Technology M.Sc. in Bioinformatics M.Sc. in Industrial Microbiology M.D.S. (Oral Medicine & Radiology) M.D.S. (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery) M.Sc. in Genetic Engineering M.Sc. in Biotechnology M.S. in Ayurved [Shalakya Tantra – Netra] M.D. in Ayurved [Kaumarbhritya] M.D. in [Dravya guna] M.D. in Ayurved [Agad Tantra] M.D. in Ayurved [Kayachikitsa] M.D. in Ayurved [Kriya Sharir] M.D. in Ayurved [Ras Shastra Bhaisajya Kalpana] M.D. in Ayurved [Swasthavritta] M.D. in Ayurved [Rog Nidan avum Vikriti Vigyan] M.S. in Ayurved [Shalya Tantra] M. Arch M.D. in [Ayurved Samhitas] M.D. in Ayurved [Rachana Sharir]