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DY Patil University

President DY Patil

DY Patil University
“lt always fills me up with the immense joy to see batch after batch of students head out into the world equipped with the power of knowledge and an aspiration to create real impact in the world”
DY Patil University

Dr. Vijay D. Patil

Chancellor and President

Dr. Vijay Patil is an Indian Educationist, Philanthropist, and Sportsman. He has for long been working on crafting an extraordinary transformation of the Indian education ecosystem as he envisions India to be a global destination for education in the years to come. From a very young age, he knew the importance of education and sports in his life. With his vision for the future of Indian youth, he founded several educational institutes in India and forever changed the standard of sports training. A Computer engineer from the University of Mumbai, with a degree in Management from the Bond University, Australia, Dr. Vijay D. Patil is a beacon in the field of education, sports, and health care in young India. Applauded and recognized in all these three fields around India, his quest for delivering the best in each domain continues to prevail. He strongly believes in developing and delivering state-of-the-art projects that will act as catalysts for the growth of the nation and sustain for years, benefiting young India

Dr. Vijay D. Patil truly believes that in a proliferating global economy, the best way to empower the youth of the country would be to make good educational facilities available to them. He feels that the progress of the future generations is defined by the world we choose to create for them & hence the best way to empower the youth would be to develop an ecosystem that offers opportunities for them to learn, grow and excel. Dr Vijay D Patil shares a special bond with the students, staff and faculty of the institutions of the group. He is an approachable leader, constantly keen to understand the needs of the organization and looking for ways to create a better experience for all, through collaboration and cooperation. It has always been DY Patil University’s goal to enhance the employability of graduates. The programs are backed by research, a sound curriculum and delivered by faculty who have been educated and trained at some of the best educational institutions in the country and abroad. Our university’s academic structure is at par with the best in the world today.