• Fellowship in Maxilloficial and Reconstructive Surgery

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Fellowship in maxillofacial oncology and reconstructive surgery.

Awarded by: DY Patil University (accredited by NAAC with ‘A’ GRADE)

Program Highlights:-

1. Aimed to provide the student with the required exposure to scientific and clinical knowledge and make them independent in their future practice.

2. Unique platform where candidates will have the privilege to attend clinical outpatient as well as inpatient training with the chief mentor.

3. Opportunity to shadow the chief mentor at his own clinical practice

4. A module based certificate course divided into specific modules, designed to provide broad, in-depth updated knowledge in all aspects.

5. Interactive learning with our panel experts from different universities via satellite-tele-conferencing at the state-of- the-art Virtual Classroom facility in our University.

6. Candidates will be given hands on training.

7. Group activity and presentations

8. Candidates have the opportunity to participate in research activities at the university.

9. Access to digital learning & education.
State of the art library at D Y Patil University with unrestricted access to a vast database of full text articles for research studies.

Eligibility Criteria

MS ENT/MDS Maxillofacial Surgery

Duration Of Course

2 Years


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