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About the Chief Mentor:

Dr Keiki. R. Mehta

MBBS., DOMS., MS.(Ophth), D.O. (IRELAND),
D.O. (London), F.R.S.H. (London), F.I.O.S. (USA)

Prof. Dr. Keiki R. Mehta is India’s leading Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, a pioneer in Intraocular implants, Lasik and Phacoemulsification. A brilliant surgeon, an outstanding researcher and an intuitive clinician, he has extensive experience of operating over 2 Lakhs Cataracts.

Prof Keiki R. Mehta is considered India’s foremost Ophthalmic surgeon, and has conducted Live Surgical workshops in every major city in India, and has trained thousands of doctors in Intraocular implant surgery and Phacoemulsification.

He has many firsts to his credit, the first to commence intraocular implant in India, first to commence Lasik in India, first to commence Phacoemulsification cataract surgery which has helped lakhs of people all over India for which he is now known as the “Father of Indian Phacoemulsification”

He is the recipient of 17 Gold Medals from India and abroad among a plethora of prestigious awards from Europe as well as the USA, having received virtually all the Honors possible. He has been the President of the All India Ophthalmologists Association and President of the Intraocular Implant and Refractive Society among many others. And now, he has been awarded Padmashree honor by the president of India in 2017.

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    About the

    Certificate: Fellowship in Phacosurgery

    Awarded by: DY Patil University (accredited by NAAC with ‘A’ GRADE)

    Highlights of Phaco fellowship

    Course content and Methodology

    Live demonstrations of basic phaco technique on different grade of nucleus by expert phaco surgeon – Dr Keiki Mehta
    Observation of difficult and challenging cases done by the mentor d Dr Keiki Mehta.
    Step wise surgical training procedures with state of the facilities.
    Hands on under guidance and supervision of an expert phaco surgeon.
    While the trainee will perform the surgery the experienced teacher and consultant will stand by to guide the training at each step and take over surgery in likelihood of a problem.
    Pre-op and post op evaluation of your patients.
    Various video assisted lectures including Phaco dynamics and Phaco techniques.
    Maintenance of case records for future personal use
    Surgical steps training Protocol

    Incision (Scleral tunnel/ Side Port)
    An introduction to clear corneal tunnel.
    Hydro procedures
    Phaco dynamics
    Cracking Of Nucleus.
    Divide and conquer
    Stop and chop
    Bimanual I/A
    IOL insertion tricks

    All the fellows will receive certificate from D Y Patil University.

    Eligibility Criteria

    MS/DNB in Ophthalmology

    Duration Of Course

    2 Months


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