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The M.Sc. Biotechnology program offers a comprehensive and advanced curriculum that combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on practical experience, preparing students for diverse roles in the dynamic field of biotechnology. The curriculum is carefully designed to cover a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from core biological principles to cutting-edge biotechnological applications.

The M.Sc Biotechnology program integrates seminars, workshops, and industry collaborations to keep students abreast of the latest developments in the field. The multidisciplinary nature of biotechnology requires graduates to possess not only technical expertise but also effective communication and collaboration skills. Therefore, the program often incorporates elements that nurture teamwork, critical thinking, and the ability to communicate scientific findings to diverse audiences.

The M.Sc. Biotechnology program’s curriculum is designed to be dynamic and responsive to the evolving landscape of biotechnology. By offering a balance of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, graduates are well-equipped to contribute to advancements in healthcare, agriculture, environmental management, and various other fields where biotechnological innovations play a crucial role.


A graduate student having completed three years Science degree programme in Biotechnology /Bioinformatics/ Life sciences / Zoology / Botany / Chemistry / Microbiology / Applied Biology / Biochemistry / Genetics / M.B.B.S. / B.D.S. / M. V. Sc. with minimum 50% marks.

Duration of Course

2 Years


4 Semesters

Who should opt for the

Individuals with a background in biological sciences would find the M.Sc. Biotechnology program to be a natural extension of their undergraduate studies. The M.Sc. Biotechnology program is designed to accommodate a broad spectrum of candidates, each bringing unique perspectives and experiences. It caters to those seeking specialized knowledge in biotechnology for various applications, including healthcare, agriculture, environmental management, and industrial processes.

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