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B.Sc. Event Studies is a four-year course that focuses on the Event Management sector along with the Hospitality Industry. In This program we offer a dynamic and interdisciplinary curriculum that focuses on the theory and practical skills necessary for successful event management. This program is designed to prepare students for a wide range of roles within the event industry, from corporate events and conferences to festivals and sports events


Prospective students should demonstrate a passion for the Event Studies, along with a strong academic background. Admission in this course require;

  • 10+2 from a recognized board or University
  • Minimum score of 50%

Duration of

4 Years

Who Should
opt for the Program

B.Sc. in Event Studies is an ideal program for individuals with a keen interest in the dynamic world of event management. This program caters to a diverse range of students, including those who have a passion for organizing and executing various types of events, from conferences to concerts. Creatively inclined individuals who enjoy conceptualizing unique experiences for attendees can benefit greatly from this program. Moreover, students with a knack for business and a desire to delve into the financial and strategic aspects of event planning will find relevant courses in budgeting, marketing, and project management. Strong communication and organizational skills are also essential, making this program suitable for individuals who thrive in team environments and have an eye for detail. Whether you are considering a career change or aiming to launch your own event management venture, B.Sc. in Event Studies provides the necessary skills and knowledge for success in this fast-paced and exciting industry.

Program Learning

* Students will become familiar with the key concepts of managing an event, they will be able to;
* Learn and understand various aspects of events and types of events
* Participation in national and international level seminars/workshops
* Understand the skills and challenges faced in managing an event
* Analyse the role of events in image building
* Discuss ways of strategic marketing and media planning for events
* Demonstrate knowledge and ability to identify risk areas, evaluate safety measures
* Demonstrate knowledge and ability to review, analyse events and relate to case studies


Fee Component Estimated Cost (per academic year in INR)
Tuition Fees ₹5,50,000/-


Credit hours:
Credit hour distribution for Event Studies courses spread across eight semesters with a total of 168 credits.

Semester 1: (22 credits)

1. Basics of Principles Event Management-I
2. Business Communication-I
3. Human Resource Management
4. Introduction to Accounts and Finance
5. Introduction to Event Management
6. Principles of Management

Semester 2: (22 credits)

1. Basics of Principles Event Management-I
2. Business Communication-I
3. Event Planning & Venue Management
4. Event Production Process
5. Marketing Management
6. Organizational Behavior

Semester 3: (22 credits)

1. Event Resource Management
2. Event Marketing & Sponsorship
3. Special Events- Wedding Planning & Live Events
4. Information Technology in Business Management-I
5. Professional Industry Engagement
6. Event Hospitality & Sponsorship

Semester 4: (22 credits)

1. Brand Management- Research & Development
2. Business Environment
3. Information Technology in Business Management- II
4. Legal Aspects of Event Management
5. Special Events- MICE & Corporate Events
6. Work-Based Learning Route (Internship)

Semester 5: (20 credits)

1. Consumer Behavior
2. Ethics and Governance
3. Media Management Project Work-I
4. Public Relations
5. Skill Based- Campus to Corporate

Semester 6: (20 credits)

1. Advertising
2. Event Cost Accounting & Finance Management
3. Event Safety & Risk Management
4. Experiential Marketing & Technology
5. Media Management Project Work-II
6. Soft Skills & Personality Development

Semester 7: Honours/Research (20credits)

1. Research Methods in Event Studies: 6 credits
2. Research Project (Part I): 8 credits
3. Internship: 6 credits

Semester 8: Culmination and Presentation (20 credits)

1. Research Project (Part II): 8 credits
2. Research and Publication Ethics: 4 credits
3. Internship: 8 credits


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