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D Y Patil University always believes that along with best academic deliverables, students should also be provided with best of facilities on campus for their personal growth & development. Cafeteria is one such facility & we have 11 Cafes spread across the whole campus which are accessible to all students. All our cafes serve delicious and healthy food, & they are designed in such a way that they also inspire our students with positive energy.

D Y Patil University takes special care to ensure that the students are provided with healthy, tasty and hygienic food. The 11 cafeterias are located in different areas of the campus which makes it easy for the students to pop in, grab a bite & pop out easily, without having to travel much.

All are Cafes are in sync with the current food trends & keeping in mind the student likes & dislikes. The Cafes provide a variety of meal sets starting from Breakfast to Lunch to All day snacks. D Y Patil University provides its students all the amenities and facilities to enjoy a good lifestyle right within the campus.

Located amidst the beauty and splendor of the D. Y. Patil University, the cafeterias provide ample space for the students to hang out and choose from a variety of dining options with an enchanting and fun-filled ambience.

The university maintains a high level of hygiene to ensure that the students are provided with nutritious and delectable meals at all times. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided every day with regular changes in the menu as per the suggestions of our students. But to satisfy the taste-buds of some gourmets among the students, the university, also houses a brand-new cafeteria, filled with the hustle and bustle of hungry youngsters eager to taste the delicious, spicy multi-cuisine food available here.


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