• Celebrating Oral Medicine and Radiology Day

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Celebrating Oral Medicine and Radiology Day

27th April 2023, unfolded enthralling events on the occasion of Oral medicine and Radiology Day .To kickstart the festivities, an enthralling logo competition was organized for our talented undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as our dedicated staff members. We received an impressive number of entries, showcasing the artistic prowess and creativity of our dental community. It was a delight to witness the immense talent and unique perspectives reflected in each design.


The celebrations continued with an enlightening skit performed by our brilliant PG students from the Department. The skit revolved around the important theme of “When to consult an oral physician.” Through their impeccable acting and thought-provoking storyline, our PGs effectively conveyed the significance of seeking professional guidance in oral health matters. The faculty members were thoroughly impressed and appreciated the outstanding performance. It was evident that our students had put in immense effort and dedication to bring this skit to life.


Following the skit, we marked the occasion by cutting a delectable cake. The sweet indulgence added a touch of joy and merriment to the day’s celebrations. Laughter and smiles filled the air as we shared this delightful moment together, cherishing the importance of oral medicine and radiology in our professional lives.


The National Oral Medicine and Radiology Day not only provided a platform to showcase the talent within our college but also served as a reminder of the vital role oral physicians play in our healthcare system. It emphasized the need for effective communication and collaboration between dental professionals and patients to ensure comprehensive oral care.

We would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who participated, contributed, and supported the success of this event. Everyone’s enthusiasm and dedication truly made this day memorable.

Let us continue to strive for excellence in the field of dentistry, embracing the significance of oral medicine and radiology in our journey towards better oral health for all!

DY Patil University


DY Patil University