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Community Radio Station

Dnyanvani 90.4FM stands as a pioneering force in community radio within the satellite city of Navi Mumbai, proudly earning the distinction of being the first community radio station in the region. Initiated as a community service endeavor by Padmashree Dr. D.Y. Patil University, Dnyanvani serves as a dynamic platform for fostering community engagement and disseminating valuable information.


Operationalized under the affectionate moniker “DY Radio” by the students and the local residents, Dnyanvani 90.4FM boasts a diverse array of programs tailored to cater to the varied interests and needs of the Navi Mumbai community. The programming spans key thematic areas, including Education, Health and Well-being, Sports, Spirituality, and overarching Community Development.


What sets Dnyanvani apart is its unique blend of content generated by both students and residents of Navi Mumbai. This collaborative approach ensures that the programming is not only informative but also reflective of the community’s perspectives and aspirations. The station serves as a platform for local talent, providing a voice to the vibrant and diverse community it represents.


With a broadcast range extending approximately 12–15 km aerially, from Airoli to Panvel, Dnyanvani effectively covers the expanse of Navi Mumbai. This reach ensures that the radio station becomes a unifying force, connecting communities across the city and becoming a trusted source of information, entertainment, and community updates.


Dnyanvani’s commitment to community service is evident in its dedication to uplifting and empowering the residents of Navi Mumbai. Whether disseminating educational content, promoting health and well-being initiatives, covering local sports events, exploring spirituality, or driving overall community development, Dnyanvani 90.4FM stands as a beacon of connectivity and enrichment for the community it serves. In essence, it is not merely a radio station; it is a vibrant expression of community spirit and collective growth.

DY Patil University


DY Patil University