We at School of Arts and Commerce follow 360 degree feedback on curriculum and faculties. All the stakeholders of the school are involved in this process. The stakeholders like students; faculty; industry professionals; employers and our alumni are continuously involved in the process. Based on their feedback the curriculum is altered as per the industry standards. For example the introduction of concepts like demonetization; GST; RERA Act were added in the syllabus as per the feedback received by the industry experts. The alumni of the institute suggested inclusion of more courses related to soft skills in the curriculum. The same was proposed in the Board of studies and implemented in the curriculum after the approval from the academic council. The emerging topics like artificial intelligence; data analytics and digital marketing have also been added in the curriculum considering the feedback of the stakeholders.

Feedback of the students is taken in all the semesters.  The suggestions proposed in the feedback are analyzed and reviewed. The appropriate action is taken after discussion with all the stakeholders.


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