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MBA Graduate Attributes

• A deep knowledge of subject areas in the programme of study they have successfully completed.

• The capacity to engage in self-reflection and lifelong learning.

• Transferable skills including team building and leadership skills, communication, creative and critical thinking skills, and problem-solving skills suitable for a variety of fields of employment.

• The capacity to take up their social and civic responsibilities relating to the environment and the society.

• A deep understanding of, and respect for, diversity, pluralistic societies and other cultures.

• Adherence to the highest standards of ethical behaviour.


BBA Graduate Attributes

• In-depthKnowledge of Business, Management and Emerging Technologies
• Acquire qualitative and quantitative skills to consolidate and analyse business information to provide socially and ethically responsible business solutions.
• Attain problem solving, decision making and critical thinking skills to provide viable solutions for business problems.
• Understanding the nature of creativity, innovations, and to translate insights into opportunities and action and visualising how creativity and innovations are initiated, included and managed in an organisation.
• Effective Communicator with professional colleagues and society at large
• Has the ability to work and collaborate as a team member to achieve objectives of the organisation.


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