Parent Teacher Meeting

A Parent Teachers meeting was arranged by the Allied Health Sciences on Tuesday, August 4, 2020. And on 5, August, 2020 This meeting was conducted for, second and, third AHS.
The Director & Clinical Head , and Chief Coordinator of AHS and office staff was present,
The meeting was started by Welcome speech of Mrs.Sneha Sonawane The Chief Coordinator welcomed all the parents and introduced the new changes in the administration to the parents opening remarks by Dr. Prakash Roplekar AHS Director he Speak about the Covid situations why students must do Hands of Training he also speaks about the academic, sports and cultural events taken place in the Institute in the last 3-4 months.
This was followed by a very cordial interactive session between the Dr. Kailash Jawade and parents regarding Teaching Learning method in lockdown of the students. The parents gave a very positive feedback regarding the new method of Teaching and facilities provided by the college .The Vote of Thanks given by Miss Amreen Shaikh Around 262 parents attended the function The goal was to build a healthy relationship with the students and parents.


DY Patil University