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Professor of Practice Program

D.Y. Patil Deemed To Be University, School of Dentistry, Leads with the “Professor of Practice Program”


D.Y. Patil Deemed To Be University’s School of Dentistry, proudly asserts its pioneering stance in academia by introducing the groundbreaking “Professor of Practice Program.” This strategic move, inspired by the comprehensive guidelines set forth by the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, marks an exceptional leap towards redefining dental education and practice.


The inaugural event, aptly titled “Meet and Greet Meeting,” resonated with enthusiasm and purpose on a significant August 21st, 2023. Convened within the esteemed confines of the Pharmacy Conference Room, this event welcomed distinguished attendees comprising the Dean, Vice Dean, Heads of Departments, Mrs. Swati Neogy (NAAC Coordinator), Coordinator Dr. Sandhya Tamgadge, and a representative from the Student Scientific Committee.


Central to the proceedings was the unveiling of the “Professor of Practice Program,” a visionary endeavour that bridges the chasm between academic institutions and seasoned private practitioners. This pioneering initiative celebrates the invaluable contributions these practitioners offer, elevating academic discussions with pragmatic insights garnered from their real-world experiences. Aligned with NEP 2020, the “Professor of Practice” framework highlights:


Practical Expertise: Weaving practical acumen into academic fabric.

Industry Prowess: Staying attuned to industry trends and innovations.

Industry-Academia Nexus: Fostering a seamless collaboration between academia and industry.

Application of Knowledge: Empowering students to apply theoretical learning to practical scenarios.

Eminent practitioners, revered in their respective fields, have embraced the mantle of guiding lights for our budding dental professionals. The distinguished panel includes:


Dr. Ajay Bajaj (BDS MDS) – Renowned Endodontist

Dr. Shivendu Darshan Parulkar (BDS MDS) – Esteemed Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Parashant Shirke (BDS MDS) – Distinguished Oral Medicine & Radiologist, Acclaimed Tobacco Cessation Consultant

Dr. Prashan Davari (BDS MDS) – Eminent Periodontist, Expert in Practice Management

The resonance of this program lies in its solution-driven approach to the challenges faced by BDS graduates:


Transition Support: Nurturing the shift from observers to independent practitioners.

Enhanced Patient Engagement: Amplifying the student’s rapport with patients.

Clinical Adaptation: Facilitating seamless entry into clinical environments.

Augmented Clinical Proficiency: Honing refined practical skills.

Informed Decision-Making: Cultivating informed clinical judgement.

Holistic Perspective: Encouraging interdisciplinary insights.

Positioned as an answer to the evolving higher education landscape, the “Professor of Practice” model weaves skills-based learning with forward-thinking technologies. With a year-long commitment comprising five dedicated sessions annually, these “Professors of Practice” become integral contributors to the curriculum, aligning with the university’s ethos of holistic education.


The program’s meticulous documentation is entrusted to Mrs. Swati Neogy (NAAC Coordinator), ensuring the initiative’s seamless integration within the university’s academic framework.


The inauguration event was marked by expressions of gratitude, including goodie bags, bouquets, appointment letters, ID cards, wholesome meals, and a personally guided campus tour orchestrated by Dean Dr. Gaurang Mistry.


As this program embarks on an illuminating journey, the academic community eagerly anticipates the unfolding of its sessions, confident in its transformative power in shaping a new generation of skilled, well-rounded dental practitioners.


DY Patil University


DY Patil University