• Research Vision and Mission

    DY Patil University
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Our vision is to be a premier global institution that empowers learners to become innovative and ethical professionals in the communication and media industries

Our Mission

  1. To provide foundational frameworks in all functional aspects in the evolving Media and Entertainment sector and its sub-sectors.
  2. To build creatively aware graduates with global perspectives.
  3. To foster interdisciplinary research, critical thinking, and engagement with media and communication practices, addressing socio economic challenges.
  4. To provide learners with rigorous training in media, emphasizing ethics, diversity, and storytelling across various media platforms.
  5. To combine theory and practice, emphasizing experiential learning, diverse perspectives, and technological innovation, to shape the future of media.

Partners with the research community to create a culture of high achievement.
Promotes shared responsibility, the ethical conduct of research, and compliance.
Enhances researchers’ abilities to obtain and manage grants.
Strategically invests in promising research and researchers.
Creates integrated services, transparent research administration, infrastructure, and streamlined processes.
Advocates for the needs of the DYPU research community.
Broadens awareness of the value of DYPU research.
Develops strong relationships with sponsors.
Enhances the ability to perform research in a global community.
Supports strong infrastructure for interdisciplinary research.


DY Patil University