• Workshop on Cultivating a Culture of Respect: Reflecting on the Anti-Ragging

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Workshop on
Cultivating a Culture of Respect: Reflecting on the "Anti-Ragging"

As we continually strive to create an educational environment that nurtures growth and mutual respect, we were privileged to host a significant workshop on June 22, 2023. The event, held at the Fourth Floor Auditorium, featured the esteemed presence of Dr. Ashok Dhoble, a stalwart in the dental community whose insights have significantly impacted the field.


Dr. Ashok Dhoble’s remarkable journey includes serving as the Hon. Secretary General Head at the Indian Dental Association (IDA), a Former Member of the FDI Council, and the Hon. Executive Secretary of the Commonwealth Dental Association. With affiliations that extend to the Indian Dental Association (H.O.), the Government Dental College and Hospital in Mumbai, and a pivotal role as a DCI Member, Dr. Dhoble embodies a wealth of experience and dedication to dental education and welfare.


The workshop, a dedicated exploration of the theme “Anti-Ragging,” emerged as a compelling platform for dialogue and awareness. Dr. Dhoble’s seasoned expertise reverberated as he addressed a diverse audience encompassing students, faculty members, and administrative staff, collectively emphasizing the urgency of a concerted approach.


This reflective report encapsulates the transformative insights and critical discussions that unfolded during the workshop. It delves into the significant takeaways, the importance of fostering a harmonious environment, and the role each one of us plays in ensuring an inclusive, empathetic, and secure educational space.


The workshop was designed to foster engagement and active participation. Attendees were immersed in interactive sessions, dynamic panel discussions, and insightful case studies. The discussions encompassed legal dimensions of ragging, effective strategies for its prevention, and the creation of a harmonious learning environment that promotes healthy interactions among students.


In conclusion, the workshop on “Anti-Ragging,” guided by the expertise of Dr. Ashok Dhoble, resounded as a call to action for all attendees. The event illuminated the imperative of cultivating a campus culture that unequivocally rejects ragging and champions camaraderie. Dr. Dhoble’s profound insights galvanized participants to shoulder the collective responsibility of eradicating ragging, nurturing mutual respect, and nurturing an environment where every individual can thrive and grow.

DY Patil University


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