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The Certificate Course in Bartending is a training and certification programme covering all aspects of modern-day bartending. The training period is six months, and the curriculum includes the best theory inputs from stalwarts within the industry but emphasizes more on practical training.


SSC passed

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6 months


As a part of the training programme, it is planned to have beverage specific module that focuses on the following areas :

1) Classificationof beverages.
2) Wines, spirits, beers, aperitifs and liqueurs etc.
3) Bar operations, types of bars, bar setup, bar equipments.
4) Bar controls, Licenses required to run a bar, internal and external control required to be maintained, beverage inventory control and bar frauds.
5) Mixology, common bar terms, types of cocktails & mixed drinks, methods of making-cocktails, golden rules in cocktail making.
6) Extensive information of liquors-Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequila, whiskeys, Cognac / Brandy.
7) Health and Safety Practises.
8) Bottle Flipping.
9) Personal Presentation and etiquettes, customer psychology.
10) Garnishes.
11) Costing and Beverage Control.
12) Practical of service of various non-alcoholic beverages and alcoholic beverages like spirits, wines, aperitifs, liqueurs, beers and cocktail making.




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