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The Undergraduate Curriculum Framework-2023 of D.Y. Patil Deemed to Be University, School of Creative Studies underlines the historical perspective, philosophical basis, and contemporary realities of higher education as enshrined in the National Education Policy 2020 and endeavours to synchronize these cornerstones while charting the road ahead for the state of higher education.

The Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies (BCMS) program is an innovative and forward-thinking initiative designed to empower learners in the ever-evolving fields of communication and media. With a vision of becoming a premier global institution, our mission is multifaceted. We aim to provide students with foundational frameworks encompassing all functional aspects of the dynamic Media and Entertainment sector, fostering creativity and global perspectives.

Additionally, we promote interdisciplinary research, critical thinking, and engagement with media practices to address socio-economic challenges. Our program emphasizes rigorous training in media, highlighting ethics, diversity, and storytelling across various platforms. By merging theory and practice, we instil experiential learning, diverse perspectives, and technological innovation to shape the future of media.

Areas of

Specialisations (offered in year 3 and 4) 

  1. Journalism
  2. Advertising Management
  3. Public Relations and Corporate Communication
  4. Film, Streaming and Immersive Media



The candidate must have 12th Science/commerce/Arts or equivalent examination (Diploma in engineering/ITI etc.) from recognize board with minimum 50% aggregate marks. The preference will be given to the candidates who had completed national level certification courses in drawing, acting, dancing and photography, sculpting and modelling.


The Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies (BCMS) program is a comprehensive 4-year course designed with a major focus on providing students with an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of the Communication and Media industry. Students can expect to engage in hands-on experiences, collaborative projects, and industry-relevant coursework, preparing them thoroughly for a rewarding and impactful career in media industry.


The Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies (BCMS) program aligns with the DY Patil Deemed to be University’s mission and vision by offering quality education, fostering competency development, and emphasizing global relevance. Its diverse curriculum and focus on emerging media technologies prepare students for success in the global media landscape, ensuring they contribute significantly to societal needs worldwide.

DY Patil University

Program Objective

  1. Develop students’ oral communication skills
  2. Equip students with technical skills through hands-on training
  3. Foster media literacy
  4. Cultivate creative thinking and problem-solving abilities
  5. Develop research and analysis skills
  6. Promote collaboration and teamwork
  7. Instill ethical media practices
  8. Enhance cultural competence
  9. Provide foundational understanding of media management
  10. Foster professional development

Program Outcomes

1. Multimedia Storytelling: Craft Compelling, Diverse Narratives Effectively
2. Media Strategy & Planning: Design and Implement Effective Media Campaigns
3. Digital Production Mastery: Expertise in Editing and Distribution Techniques
4. Media Ethics Leadership: Promote Responsible Industry Practices Actively
5. Media Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Drive Transformative, Innovative Initiatives Successfully


The BCMS program offers a diverse scope, covering media literacy, strategic communication, digital media production, journalism, and social media management. Students gain proficiency in cultural and global communication, research, and media ethics. The curriculum emphasizes hands-on experience, providing internships for practical application. Graduates are prepared for roles in public relations, advertising, journalism, and digital media, equipped with a versatile skill set applicable to today’s dynamic communication landscape. The program fosters critical analysis of media, understanding of cultural nuances, and adherence to ethical standards. Students explore media policy and regulation, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of the legal frameworks governing the industry. The BCMS program strives to produce well-rounded professionals capable of navigating the complexities of contemporary communication and media environments.

DY Patil University

Key Features

• Very affordable fee structure
• State-of-the-art infrastructure with modern labs for advanced research
• Industry standard multimedia lab
• Modern sketch lab
• Industry standard sound recording, photography and shooting floor
• Tie-up with multiple media and production houses for hands-on training
• 60-degree placement training and assistance



Industry Internship / Research Projects shall be an essential academic requirement for the students. Each student needs to spend 48-50 weeks during the course of study in the Studio / Industry. Satisfactory completion of Internship is required to be declared successful in course of study and award of the degree.

Every student enrolled to the The Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies programme must complete the assignment under the supervision of an Instructor.

The Instructor of the course shall be responsible for determining the procedures for completing assignments and assessing student achievement each student’s assignment will be communicated in advance.

Placement Opportunities

The BCMS program offers robust placement opportunities for graduates in various dynamic sectors of communication and media. These opportunities include:

Media Organizations: Placement in media organizations such as newspapers, magazines, radio, and television stations, allowing graduates to work in roles ranging from reporting to production.
Public Relations Agencies: Opportunities in public relations firms to manage communication strategies, media relations, and brand messaging for diverse clients.
Advertising Agencies: Placements in advertising agencies to work on creative campaigns, market research, and strategic communication for a wide range of clients.
Digital Media Companies: Positions in digital media companies focusing on content creation, social media management, and digital marketing strategies.
Corporate Communication Departments: Roles within corporate communication departments of businesses, managing internal and external communication strategies.
Nonprofit and NGO Communication: Opportunities to contribute to communication efforts for nonprofit organizations and NGOs, promoting social causes and advocacy.
Government and Public Affairs: Placements in government departments or public affairs roles, working on communication strategies, policy briefings, and public engagement.
Journalism and News Outlets: Roles in journalism and news outlets, covering diverse beats, investigative reporting, or contributing to online news platforms.
Social Media Management: Positions focused on social media management, influencing brand presence, engagement strategies, and analytics.
Entertainment Industry: Opportunities within the entertainment industry, including public relations for celebrities, media relations for studios, or digital content creation for streaming platforms.


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