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B.Tech in Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering is a multi-disciplinary course and has an illustrious history of excellence. This course provides a sound foundation for the aspirants wishing to pursue a career in electrical, communication, instrumentation, control, robotics, and industrial automation. It primarily focuses on the industrial applications of sensing of physical parameters, monitoring, and control, automation, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), This program provides a diverse range of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the context of design experience for solving problems in real life and industrial applications.

The electrical and instrumentation engineering as a cross-discipline is gaining importance in education owing to the fast-growing industry revolution
In essence, Industry 0 is the trend towards automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies and processes which include cyber-physical systems (CPS), the internet of things (IoT), Industrial internet of things (IIoT), cloud computing, cognitive computing, and artificial intelligence.
Leading business organizations have started focusing on the opportunities thrown up by the Internet of Things like smart cities; therefore, companies are in search of professionals who have strong foundational knowledge in the concepts of the Internet of
This course explores the areas like electrical, embedded, biomedical, signal processing, power plant instrumentation, building automation, functional safety, mechatronics, etc

The interdisciplinary nature of the course will equip the students with the skill sets required for the digitization of industry that is Industry 0.
The curriculum is updated periodically to meet the industrial needs in consultation with industrial and academic
Academic program is well supported with state-of-the-art laboratories in electrical, instrumentation, process control, virtual instrumentation, automation, Industrial IoT lab,
This course will explore the fundamentals of enabling technologies such as electrical, instrumentation, sensors, and engineering aspect of designing and developing Industrial
Regular conduction of workshops, training programs, invited lectures by industry/academic experts to keep the students abreast of the latest practices.
More emphasis on preparing future industry-ready students in the advanced fields which are in demand and need of the industry for Opportunities for higher studies in allied fields in universities within the country

Duration of Course

4 Years

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Our curriculum encourages a broad exploration of the design practice with an emphasis on user-centered approach and design thinking and beyond. We enable our students to develop critical, technical and managerial skills that align with the contemporary conversation within the industry also Entrepreneurial thinking for self-development by aligning with thought leaders in the industry. The course is focused on process-driven work that examines all aspects of industrial design from conception to implementation. We equip our students with a wide-range of design skills and thought process that allow them to articulate their design ideas and thinking. Our exemplary infrastructure and workshops support model making and prototype building for different kinds of design briefs.

DY Patil University

First Year B. Tech Syllabus

Second Year B. Tech Syllabus

Third Year B. Tech Syllabus

Forth Year B. Tech Syllabus


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There are abundant opportunities for Electronics and instrumentation Engineering graduates both in India as well as abroad. B. Tech. graduate having such co-design development skills will be in great demand in a diversified industries ranging from automobile, healthcare, biomedical, defense, and agriculture. B. Tech. graduates are getting opportunities to work in various private and public sector organizations, consultancy firms, internet technology companies, electronics and computer hardware industry, and IT services.

At DY Patil, we have dedicated and efficient the Career Service Departments/Placement cells for all of its constituent colleges that provide customized placement opportunities to its students as per their individual skill sets, capabilities and knowledge.


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